Tuesday 24 November 2015

Titan Defense Systems Persecutor

Another collaboration with Shaun Stephenson & James Mitchell. This is a rapid blink ship with a high damage payload. I wanted to make a very aggressive looking ship with quite a presence. At around 1200m long its a mid sized capital ship with a considerable amount of bulk towards the rear.
With the load out & flight model designed by James, I created the original concept model for this ship & Shaun  created the in game asset.

Titan Defense Systems Sentinel

Here is a ship I collaborated with Shaun Stephenson on. I worked with James Mitchell one of our ship designers & using his original design brief, I concepted the original model & proportions of the ship. Its quite heavily influenced by the USS Sulaco in Aliens, which was based on a pulse rifle.
The Sentinel has a more Spas 12 feel to it. I wanted to create a ship with a little more verticality to it compared to what we currently had in game while still retaining the Titan style.

Zarek Venturer

The Zarek Venturer, a mid sized mining vessel with an on board refinery, capable of mining & processing precious metals & ore in deep space. I wanted this ship to have more of an ugly, functional feel like a giant space truck. It was some what inspired by a bus I saw whilst on holiday in Spain :)
Zarek kitted this vessel out with a stone cracker turret capable of breaking through armour & smaller accurate mining lasers for breaking down smaller asteroids.

Zarek Overseer

This was another ship I created for Fractured space. Its a giant mining laser with a ship built around it. Another take on the USR sniper, its a very focused long range attack ship that is able to hold down a sector from a great distance. Equipped with reverse boosters if other capital ships close the distance as well as a deployable shield & slug thrower cannons as last ditch defence.

Thursday 13 August 2015

Zarek Industrial Cerberus

The Zarek Cerberus is a redesign of the Zarek Enforcer, the fastest front line attack ship in the game. I designed & built the original Enforcer & wanted to create an evolution of that design with a more organic design language. Still very panel based but much less modular than its successor. Its aggressive style reflects the devastation it inflicts in battle.

Titan Defense Systems - Revenant Reaper

This is a Premium reward skin I made for all the players during the free weekend. I wanted to create something a little more racy & off style for this ship, hence the lime green & dark grey colour palette. Its always a pleasure to see one of these flying around in game.

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Fractured Space

 A shot from the game I'm currently working on, Fractured Space.

I've been mainly working on ships for the last few months, but I will be aiming to make big improvements to the environment art in the next month. More progress to follow.

Monday 14 July 2014

Dethklok asset progress

Hey all, just a quick update with a couple of things I've been working on for this piece.

Resolved Nathan bit more & will use this as a basis to create Toki, Murderface & Skwisgaar.
The hands need resolving & I'm not happy with the arms....still too loose. I'd like to get them a little more stylized before I continue but I thought I'd throw them up now.

This is an arch element that will make up the entrance to the cavern. The idea is that its been erected in a recess that's been carved from the solid rock to frame the tunnels leading into the room. The original model had a snake winding up the columns, but they threw the balance off & I couldn't get them to work in their current form. I may come back to that later, or incorporate the snakes into another element in the scene.

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Moon - Sarang Base Project

I started this project a couple of months back when I was itching to make another scifi scene. I had been watching a lot of the older 70s space movies & loved how the art direction in Moon had captured that low cost set dressing which felt so lived in & real in films like Alien & Star Wars. Moon was so retro with its padded walls & use of beige surfaces that I just had to do a homage in Cryengine.

I trawled through tonnes of reference online & watch the movie over a few times to locate good points for reference, especially the iconography that was present in the set design.

These are my decals sheets. I have recently found reference for most of these on Gavin Rothery's blog & realized that I had got a couple of them wrong. I'll go back & amend them soon :p

I got some bakes of Gerty from my highpoly & then made a lowpoly in engine asset that I textured up. This is still a work in progress but its good enough to get a good gauge as to where I need to tweak the materials in the scene.

Multiple elements go to make up this scene so far. The wall units are copied multiple times, as are the arches & floor sections. This is a good start as to where I want to take this shot. Some small items are needed to give it a more lived in feel. Sam viewing terminal is missing for example & a few helium 3 canisters wouldn't go amiss :)

Monday 30 June 2014

Crypt Keeper

This is a base mesh of a sculpt I started over the weekend that will feature in my new Dethklok project.
These guys will be holding up the pillars that make up the main structure of a cavern where the band will be playing a gig in the underworld. The aim is to make it all as metal as possible ;)

The figure is carved out of stone....or will be once the details go in & was based on one of the 'guards' at the church tomb of a minister of Louis XIII, Chateauneuf-sur-Loire, France, only a little more stylized.

Sunday 22 June 2014

Nathan Explosion

Thought I'd have a go at making Nathan from Metalocalypse into a stylized 3d character.
Nice little sunday afternoon sculpt :)

Saturday 21 June 2014

Pig Beastman

After years of using Mudbox I thought I should really get with the program and start using ZBrush as my main sculpting tool & started this. It actually just started as a sphere with no idea what it was going to be, then it shaped out to be a bust & my mind created this pig monster with bony protrusions instead of a nose & ears.

Its fairly early days & is more of a technical exercise but I feel I should flesh him out to get the bone material looking right & the flesh blending into the horn like a deers antlers.

Friday 26 July 2013

Crysis 3

Well I guess its long enough after the dust has settled from Crysis 3 that I feel comfortable releasing some screenshots of some of the work I did.
On this project I was in charge of a couple of the levels in multiplayer & had ownership of the environmental weapons & gamemode props.
I worked closely with an artist called Bart Januszkiewicz on both Chinatown and Penn Depot during the main game & then went on to lead a smaller art team in the dlc which consisted of 4 maps we made echoing the Crysis 1 island style.
We remade pretty much everything from Crysis 1 so we could achieve a resolution of 512 ppm, but only had a 3 month dev time to do this.
My level was the one with the Beach ;)


Penn Depot was very much a cannibalisation of a single player level so much of the interior was just re-dressed & some texture changes were made. The trains were remade & the exterior was created especially for mulitplayer & the level was re-lit. Much of the work went into getting the level to the required 30 fps across all platforms.

Here is the Hunter introduction that I created with Paul Haynes one of our talented designers. I made the interior of the VTOL the rest was smoke and mirrors & flowgraph ;)

The weapons in Crysuis 3 were made by Gregor Kopka, but I was required to make some pre order weapons skins for MP.

Below is a series of screenshots I created for the dlc release. All were posed using flowgraph in Cryengine 3.

Anyway I hope you like some of it if not all. I had a truely brilliant time working on this game & it was a real privilage to have done so. Special thanks to the entire dev team who are some of the best in the industry x