Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Spoils of war.....

So it's probably time I put some shots of the work I did on Crysis 2 up.....seeing as I spent a good 2 & a half years working on the damn thing.
After the dust has begun to settle I'm quite happy with how the game looked. It was quite pretty in the end.

I did work on several levels. but this one was my baby from day one I guess & its the one I did the majority if the work on.
Big thanks & much respect to the very talented & awesome Daniel D Evans Esq, who did the lighting on the level....more than once :)

Below is a url to a video fly through of the level. It's really nice as it shows all the areas not covered by screenies.
For some reason blogger won't let me link to this so you'll just have to throw it in your browser :(

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