Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Titan Defense Systems Persecutor

Another collaboration with Shaun Stephenson & James Mitchell. This is a rapid blink ship with a high damage payload. I wanted to make a very aggressive looking ship with quite a presence. At around 1200m long its a mid sized capital ship with a considerable amount of bulk towards the rear.
With the load out & flight model designed by James, I created the original concept model for this ship & Shaun  created the in game asset.

Titan Defense Systems Sentinel

Here is a ship I collaborated with Shaun Stephenson on. I worked with James Mitchell one of our ship designers & using his original design brief, I concepted the original model & proportions of the ship. Its quite heavily influenced by the USS Sulaco in Aliens, which was based on a pulse rifle.
The Sentinel has a more Spas 12 feel to it. I wanted to create a ship with a little more verticality to it compared to what we currently had in game while still retaining the Titan style.

Zarek Venturer

The Zarek Venturer, a mid sized mining vessel with an on board refinery, capable of mining & processing precious metals & ore in deep space. I wanted this ship to have more of an ugly, functional feel like a giant space truck. It was some what inspired by a bus I saw whilst on holiday in Spain :)
Zarek kitted this vessel out with a stone cracker turret capable of breaking through armour & smaller accurate mining lasers for breaking down smaller asteroids.

Zarek Overseer

This was another ship I created for Fractured space. Its a giant mining laser with a ship built around it. Another take on the USR sniper, its a very focused long range attack ship that is able to hold down a sector from a great distance. Equipped with reverse boosters if other capital ships close the distance as well as a deployable shield & slug thrower cannons as last ditch defence.