Monday, 14 July 2014

Dethklok asset progress

Hey all, just a quick update with a couple of things I've been working on for this piece.

Resolved Nathan bit more & will use this as a basis to create Toki, Murderface & Skwisgaar.
The hands need resolving & I'm not happy with the arms....still too loose. I'd like to get them a little more stylized before I continue but I thought I'd throw them up now.

This is an arch element that will make up the entrance to the cavern. The idea is that its been erected in a recess that's been carved from the solid rock to frame the tunnels leading into the room. The original model had a snake winding up the columns, but they threw the balance off & I couldn't get them to work in their current form. I may come back to that later, or incorporate the snakes into another element in the scene.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Moon - Sarang Base Project

I started this project a couple of months back when I was itching to make another scifi scene. I had been watching a lot of the older 70s space movies & loved how the art direction in Moon had captured that low cost set dressing which felt so lived in & real in films like Alien & Star Wars. Moon was so retro with its padded walls & use of beige surfaces that I just had to do a homage in Cryengine.

I trawled through tonnes of reference online & watch the movie over a few times to locate good points for reference, especially the iconography that was present in the set design.

These are my decals sheets. I have recently found reference for most of these on Gavin Rothery's blog & realized that I had got a couple of them wrong. I'll go back & amend them soon :p

I got some bakes of Gerty from my highpoly & then made a lowpoly in engine asset that I textured up. This is still a work in progress but its good enough to get a good gauge as to where I need to tweak the materials in the scene.

Multiple elements go to make up this scene so far. The wall units are copied multiple times, as are the arches & floor sections. This is a good start as to where I want to take this shot. Some small items are needed to give it a more lived in feel. Sam viewing terminal is missing for example & a few helium 3 canisters wouldn't go amiss :)