Friday, 26 July 2013

Crysis 3

Well I guess its long enough after the dust has settled from Crysis 3 that I feel comfortable releasing some screenshots of some of the work I did.
On this project I was in charge of a couple of the levels in multiplayer & had ownership of the environmental weapons & gamemode props.
I worked closely with an artist called Bart Januszkiewicz on both Chinatown and Penn Depot during the main game & then went on to lead a smaller art team in the dlc which consisted of 4 maps we made echoing the Crysis 1 island style.
We remade pretty much everything from Crysis 1 so we could achieve a resolution of 512 ppm, but only had a 3 month dev time to do this.
My level was the one with the Beach ;)


Penn Depot was very much a cannibalisation of a single player level so much of the interior was just re-dressed & some texture changes were made. The trains were remade & the exterior was created especially for mulitplayer & the level was re-lit. Much of the work went into getting the level to the required 30 fps across all platforms.

Here is the Hunter introduction that I created with Paul Haynes one of our talented designers. I made the interior of the VTOL the rest was smoke and mirrors & flowgraph ;)

The weapons in Crysuis 3 were made by Gregor Kopka, but I was required to make some pre order weapons skins for MP.

Below is a series of screenshots I created for the dlc release. All were posed using flowgraph in Cryengine 3.

Anyway I hope you like some of it if not all. I had a truely brilliant time working on this game & it was a real privilage to have done so. Special thanks to the entire dev team who are some of the best in the industry x