Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Crysis 3

A link to the trailer of my latest game :)
I worked on the multiplayer of crysis 3 from the start to the end. Great time.


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Robot Revivial

Yes it's been entirely too long since I did any work on my mech but art production on Crysis 3 has taken a heavy toll on my spare time but now that its just about wrapped up I am going to start putting more time into my home work until its finished, or I get absorbed into Homefront or something else.
All colours at the moment are just working defaults so they stand to change at any time.
I was thinking about some seriously bright colours and decal advertisements on the body parts and components, but that will come at the end.
For now I concentrating on getting the style right on the helmet and then the main body needs the lines re-working. I feel that currently there are still proportion issues, especially with the head in comparison to the body, but I'm happier now with the overall stance of the mech.
Still lots to consider but I thought I'd upload a few grabs from the viewport. I'm not going to attempt to render anything as I think  my machine is in danger of melting now. Its 1.3 million polys unsmoothed now :/

New Years resolution......a new rig & this finished asap!

Happy New Year friends :)